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Lead Me To The Rock That Is Higher Than I

April 7, 2010

Lead Me To The Rock That Is Higher Than I

Time and again, we feel our weaknesses — our vulnerabilities — whether we admit it to others or not, they are overwhelming.     Some people will just put on a brazen face in these times and forge ahead, trying to solve their predicament all by themselves.     But, that never really works.     It’s like spinning one’s wheels in a sloshy, muddy rut.     We only dig in deeper and deeper, making the end result much worse.

When King David felt desperate and so alone in his deepest needs, he turned to God for help, because he realized that only God had the ability to help.     And so, in Psalm 61:1-2,  David calls out to God,

Hear my cry, O God;    
Give heed to my prayer.    
From the end of the earth  I call to Thee,  when my heart is faint;   
Lead me to the rock  that is higher than I.

David felt so alone, that he felt like he was at the “end of the earth” — so far away that supposedly God might not hear him.     But, David really did know that God would hear him.     He was just feeling so alone.

In those times of feeling alone and desperate for help, we definitely need help from someone who is much stronger than we are.     That, of course, is God Almighty.     Throughout the Psalms, David calls God his Rock and his Fortress.    

And when one is in the midst of a flood, we have no choice but to get to higher ground.     Truly, we need to get going while the getting is good — or we will surely meet our demise.    That higher ground we need to get to is God, our heavenly Father.     He definitely is “higher than I” and our only chance of survival.

Though David definitely was a sinner, he also had a heart that pleased the LORD.     David had a heart of faith that turned to God in his every need.     That is what God wants from each of us.     Everybody faces problems.     Let us have hearts that please God by turning to Him in all our needs.

In turning to God and putting all our cares in His hands, we will please Him and be at rest, saying,  “Hallelujah!     My Lord, You are so faithful in loving and caring for me.     Thank You for being my refuge and my strength in every time of need.    Your love is everlasting.”

Love,   Margaret

A Christian devotional to glorify the LORD of lords and King of kings…



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