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Love Without End, Amen

February 6, 2011

Love Without End, Amen

George Strait expressed it well in his country song,  “Love Without End, Amen“.     For whatever reason, George was seriously thinking about our heavenly Father’s love for us,  and he compared his experience with his own father’s love to his knowledge of God’s love.

God’s love is eternal.     To actually experience our heavenly Father’s love,  we do have to go back to Him and stay with Him.     We can remember times past,  and think about God’s love for us way back then.     But, we do need to actually  go back  to our heavenly Father’s presence to again to take in the fullness of love that He has for us.     Jesus expressed this truth in Luke 15:11-32, in the story of the prodigal son.

Jesus spoke of a father with two sons.     The younger son asked for his share of the estate and the father gave it to him.     That son went far away and squandered his father’s wealth on harlots and all sorts of loose living.     Money runs out when one is not working,  so his money ran out.     Then he was in dire need,  poor as a crow,  alone because all his party friends left him.     The only job available was that of feeding pigs, but the pigs had more to eat than he did.     Hunger pangs brought back memories of home.     He remembered how his father treated his servants much more kindly and generously than he was being treated by this pig farmer.

Common sense said  it was much better to go home  and express his sorrow, than to die of hunger in a foreign land.     All he really wanted was a servant job from his father,  so he wouldn’t die.     He could not ask for more.     It wouldn’t be right.     He was painfully aware that he didn’t deserve any more.     So, he made his way home.

With heartfelt repentance, he asked for his father’s forgiveness and a job.     But, his father didn’t seem to be quite listening rightly.     The father had servants prepare a huge party, he had the best clothes put on his repentant son, new sandals, and even a ring for his hand.     Why?     This didn’t make sense!     Then, in Luke 15:24 the love of the father declared to everyone, 

For this son of mine was dead,  and has come to life again;  he was lost,  and has been found.

It was a father’s  “Love without end, Amen.”     What more could the father’s heart say?     He was so overcome with joy and love for the son he had missed so terribly for much too long.    

So,  how does God,  our heavenly Father,  feel when we want to live with Him again, according to His ways?     He bountifully welcomes us with open arms  and,   with an outpouring of heartfelt love,  showers us with the blessings of His heavenly home.     We don’t have to be afraid or distrustful of our heavenly Father, who gave His only begotten Son,  to suffer and die for our sins,  so that we might have eternal life,  through faith in God’s grace.    

Let’s go home and live under our heavenly Father’s  “Love Without End, Amen“.     There we will have all goodness,  protection,  guidance,  salvation,  and the honest fellowship we need.     Resting in His love,  we say,  “Hallelujah!     Abba,  Father,  there is peace  and surety in Your home.     Thank You for welcoming me when I needed You.”


Hallelujah Chorus

A Christian devotional to glorify the LORD of lords and King of kings…

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