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The Demons Also Believe, And Shudder

July 4, 2011

The Demons Also Believe, And Shudder

We know that we need to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved.     But, James says that the demons believe, and then they shudder.     We are told they are not saved, but if they “believe”,  how is it that they are not saved?     James 2:17-20  reads,

Even so faith, if it has no works,  is dead,  being by itself.   But someone may well say,  “You have faith,  and I have works,  show me your faith  without the works,  and I will show you my faith  by my works.”

You believe that God is one.     You do well;  the demons also believe,  and shudder.     But are you willing to recognize, you foolish fellow, that faith without works is useless?

God’s word tells us that we are saved by faith — not by works.     But, James is showing that if we have faith, we surely will also have works.

The demons believe that God exists and they know all that the Lord has done in Jesus Christ.     But, their knowledge of God does not save them, because they stubbornly refuse to change their actions.     They love the evil things they do, and they despise the holiness and goodness of the Lord God Almighty.     Instead of humbling themselves in repentance and starting to live in a Godly manner, they just double their efforts to tear down anything that glorifies God.

The demons shudder because they know that their actions are condemning them to eternity in hell.     They want to be able to freely do all their evil desires on earth, and still get to live in all eternity while continuing their evil ways.     They hate God for not allowing them to continue their evil forever.     In their stubbornness they shudder at their coming fate, but plow on to their demise.

We believe in God.     On that point we are the same as the demons.     But, is our faith worthless because we refuse to have the works that demonstrate a true, and Godly faith?     The works James is referring to include helping those in need;  not showing partiality between people;  keeping the Ten Commandments;  stopping all of the filthy things we used to do;  and obeying all that God desires of us — including kindness, gentleness, mercy, love, truthfulness, goodness, trustworthiness, and the like.

All these things and more describe a changed heart — a changed life.     Yes, these believers are still sinners.     But, when they believe that the shed blood of Jesus washes away all their sins,  they are so thankful, they want to live in a way that pleases the Lord.     They see the beauty of God’s love in Jesus and they want to imitate that love throughout their whole lives, just because it is so good.     As 1 John 4:19 says,  “We love, because He first loved us.”

Realizing love changes them.     Simply believing that God Almighty exists in all His glory is changed into a faith that trusts God’s every promise of the forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ.     They let love and truth change them.     Faith is proven through works — a changed life.

As we look to Christ Jesus for the forgiveness of our sins, trusting and believing,  we say,  “Hallelujah!     Lord, thank You for loving us so totally.     Let our lives  demonstrate Your love  to those around us.”


… Hallelujah Chorus

A Christian devotional to glorify the LORD of lords and King of kings…

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