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Let Us Reason Together

August 24, 2017


Let Us Reason Together

The Israelites  were the chosen people  of God.     God chose them  to be the nation  that would first experience  His saving power  and be the forebearers  of the Savior  of the world.     God arranged it  so that all  of the miracles performed  and prophecies made  would be recorded  and preserved  for all future generations  as a testimony  that the LORD is,  indeed,  God Almighty — and that there is  no other god  or lord.

The miracles performed  included everything from creation – through the flood – to the rescue  of the Israelites  from slavery in Egypt – to the saving  of the Israelites  from armies  many times bigger than theirs.

The prophecies included everything  from the downfall  of certain enemies – to the destruction  of particular kingdoms – to the eternal impact  of God’s word – to punishments  of exile  for disobedience – to details  about the coming Savior  of all mankind – to a final judgment day  for all.

In all their experiences,  God constantly reminded the Israelites  that they were called “His” children  and that He wanted them  to live as children  of God  should live.

Nevertheless,  they were constantly going astray  and disobeying  in all sorts of ways.     So,  the LORD used Isaiah  to speak  to the people again.      Isaiah 1:2-3 begins  by saying,

Listen,  O heavens,  and hear,  O earth;  for the LORD speaks,  Sons  I have reared  and brought up,  but they have revolted  against Me.     An ox knows its owner,  and a donkey  its master’s manger,  but Israel  does not know,  My people  do not understand.

How sad  that God loves and cares so much  for these people,  but,  they were so wicked  and self-righteous,  they couldn’t have cared less  about God’s love  for them.     They even felt  they had become rich  all by themselves and,  therefore,  didn’t really need God.     The past history  of their country  didn’t teach them  a single lickin’ thing.

Lest we spend  too much time  looking at their sins,  we should look  at our own.     We,  too,  were born  with terribly wayward hearts.     How easy it is  to take credit  for every blessing  we’ve received  from God.

How easy it is  to think  that our sins  are really okay  because God hasn’t actually punished us — yet.     It’s easy  to call our pride  a necessary “self-esteem” — easy  to finagle  to get the best end  in every business deal — easy  to forget widows,  the disabled,  and the poor — easy  to justify greed,  lust,  and jealousy — easy  to be hateful,  arrogant,  and lazy — easy  to love most anything  more than our Lord.

With so much sin  that we easily fall into,  God desires  to show mercy,  love  and patience  with all our failings.     That’s awesome!     We need  to take advantage  of this grace  that our LORD offers  to us,  when in Isaiah 1:18-20,  He says  to us all,

“Come now,  and let us reason together,”  says the LORD,  “Though your sins  are as scarlet,  they will be as white  as snow;  though they are red  like crimson,  they will be  like wool.     If you consent  and obey,  you will eat the best  of the land;  but if you refuse  and rebel,  you will be devoured  by the sword.”     Truly,  the mouth  of the LORD  has spoken.

Since we’ve been wallowing  in so much sin,  how much more reasonable  can our Lord be?

Aren’t we the ones  that need  to learn  to be reasonable?

Here  God is promising  total forgiveness — a total cleansing  of all our sins — if we will just agree  to let Him  wash our sins away  in the blood  of our Savior — if we will just  let His love shape us  into obedient children,  as we willingly learn  from Him.

Can we ask  for anything better  than that?

With all our sensibilities,  we need  to take hold  of this offer — confess our sins  and let our Lord  wash them all away – and humbly  pay close attention  as God Almighty teaches us  how to live lives  of love  in His word.

The life God wants us  to live  is so much better  than anything this world  could ever dream of.     As true children  of God,  we will have the pleasures,  freedoms,  and joys  of having all our trust  and faith  truly rest  in our heavenly Father’s everlasting arms.     There is something really good  about being a child — a child of God.

As Jesus says  in Matthew 18:3-4,

“Truly  I say to you,  unless you are converted  and become like children,  you shall not enter  the kingdom  of heaven.     Whoever then  humbles himself as this child,  he is the greatest  in the kingdom  of heaven.”

As we accept  our LORD’s most reasonable offer  and become  His dear children,  we will say,  “Hallelujah!     Our heavenly Father  loves us.”



A Christian devotional  to glorify  the LORD of lords  and GOD of gods.

Pray for our country.



The LORD  made this day, let us rejoice  and be glad  in Him.

Psalm 118:24


The word of the LORD is tried;

He is a shield  to all  who take refuge  in Him.

Psalm 18:30


Sing for joy  in the LORD,  O you righteous ones;

Praise is becoming  to the upright.

Psalm 33:1


How blessed are those  who dwell  in Thy house!

They are ever praising Thee.

Psalm 84:4


Just as a father  has compassion  on his children,

So the LORD  has compassion  on those who fear Him.

Psalm 103:13


O give thanks  to the LORD,  for He is good;

For His lovingkindness  is everlasting.

Psalm 107:1


Glory in His holy name;

Let the heart  of those who seek the LORD  be glad.

Psalm 105:3




Not that I have already obtained it,  or have already  become perfect,   but I press on  in order that  I may  lay hold  of that  for which also  I was laid hold of  by Christ Jesus.

Philippians 3:12








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