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How Do We Know the Way?

October 4, 2018


How Do We Know the Way?

When Jesus prepared the hearts  of His disciples  for His suffering,  death,  and resurrection,  He spoke words of comfort  without bluntly telling them  about the horribly frightening experience  they were about to have  seeing His crucifixion.     They would not have been able  to face things  if they had too much information  ahead of time.

So, Jesus told them  about  “going to prepare a place”  for them  and said in John 14:4,

And you know the way  where I am going.

Feeling quite puzzled  and very unsure,  Thomas logically and honestly  just had to question Jesus  in verse 5,

Lord,  we do not know where You are going;  how do we know the way?

And,  since Jesus was referring  to our life-long spiritual journey  through the maze of sin  in this world,  Jesus gave us the directions we need  for getting  to our heavenly home.     Jesus replied  in verse 6,

I am the way,  and the truth,  and the life;  no one comes  to the Father,  but through Me.

It seems like most everyone  in this world thinks  they are on the right path  to heaven,  or what they want to think of  as heaven.     But,  they don’t have anything  to back up  what is in their imaginations,  hopes,  and dreams.     Their every stubborn notion  is just fantasy.     It is totally worthless  and will not lead anyone  to heaven.

But,  God has given us definite and eternal proof  that Jesus really is  the one and only way  to heaven.     All the proof anyone needs is  in the prophecies  about Jesus  found throughout the Old Testament.     Those prophecies tell  where Jesus would be born,  where He would grow up,  how He would preach and heal,  how He would suffer,  die,  and be resurrected  to eternal life.

That is why Jesus could unequivocally say,  “I am the way,  and the truth,  and the life;  no one comes  to the Father,  but through Me.”    

Whoever wants  to spend eternity  in heaven  absolutely must put their faith,  hope,  and love  in Jesus Christ,  the long-prophesied Savior  of this wretched world.

And,  this Jesus welcomes us  with open arms,  longing for us  to look to Him  as our Savior.     In other words,  Jesus longs for us  to face the truth  about our lives  in this world.     Living in the truth  has got to be a much better deal  than living  in lies and fantasies.

As we drop the burdens  of our sins  on Jesus,  as He asks us to do,  we say,  “Hallelujah!     Jesus,  Your way of truth and life is wondrously beautiful and awesome.     Thank You  for faithfully loving me.”



A Christian devotional to glorify the LORD of lords and God of gods


Pray for our country.


This is the day which the LORD has made;
Let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


The word of the LORD is tried;
He is a shield  to all  who take refuge  in Him.
Psalm 18:30


Sing for joy in the LORD,  O you righteous ones;
Praise is becoming  to the upright.
Psalm 33:1

How blessed are those  who dwell in Thy house!
They are ever praising Thee.
Psalm 84:4


Just as a father has compassion  on his children,
So the LORD has compassion on those who fear Him.
Psalm 103:13


Oh give thanks to the LORD,  for He is good;
For His lovingkindness is everlasting.
Psalm 107:1


Glory in His holy name;
Let the heart of those who seek the LORD be glad.
Psalm 105:3


Not that I have already obtained it, or have already become perfect, but I press on in order that
I may lay hold of that for which also I was laid hold of by Christ Jesus.
Philippians 3:12






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