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A Companion

February 18, 2019


A Companion

Psalm 119:63

I am  a companion  of all those  who fear Thee,   
And of those  who keep  Thy precepts.

The company we keep  is so important  because people have a way  of being greatly influenced  by those  they hang around with.     If our  “friends”  are gang members,  do drugs,  use foul language,  dress immodestly,  steal,  or do anything that is not in accordance  with God’s standards,  it won’t be long  before we catch ourselves falling  in line with them.     No big surprise there…….

Everybody desires to  “belong”  to a group — to have friends.     The writer of Psalm 119 realized how very important it was for his friends  to be  “all those who fear Thee,  and of those who keep Thy precepts.”     Everyone who honestly had respect for God  automatically was considered his friend.     But,  even better,  his  “friends”  were those who would actually live  like a friend  of God Almighty.

It’s one thing  to claim  to be a Christian — and a whole different ball game,  to actually live  like a child of God.     It just takes  “guts”  to live the way God wants us  to live.     Living an honestly godly life  will bring on mockery  from some,  avoidance  from others,  and harassment  from quite a number.

Many  who realize the reality  of God,  don’t end up  returning the Lord’s love.     They don’t want  to face the challenges  of living  according to God’s word — so, they weakly follow  the ways  of the world.     They might kinda miss  having God close to their hearts,  but fear the people  around them  more than they think  about the consequences  of their denial of God.

Psalm 119 is the longest Psalm — all 176 verses of it.     But,  as one spends time in it,  one realizes  how very much  this strong believer  in the LORD   totally depended on God  for all his strength.     In many ways  he shows  that it is not wise  to depend  upon a man’s opinion.     This psalmist knew  that the LORD  really could be trusted  to guide  and care for him.     He realized  that God is holy,  righteous,  and faithful.     So,  what more can anyone ever ask for?     We can’t find any  of those qualities  in a mere man.

Therefore, it is only common sense  to depend on  what is truly dependable — the LORD.     We don’t have to be concerned   about  all the troubles  we will certainly face  from this world.     These troubles are only temporary.     Life with God is eternal.     That’s why it is always  most important  to live as God wants us  to live.

As  “good”  as we might be,  our goodness  will not save us.     Only the grace of God,  through faith in Jesus Christ will save us.     But,  when we’re leaning  on God’s grace,  we naturally want  to live a life  that is pleasing  to our Savior.     So,  we will hang out  with those who honestly live  according to God’s word.     We will be  “a companion”  to all those  who respect God  for all the love  He has given us.

In appreciation  for  our salvation  in Christ,  we say,  “Hallelujah!     Lord,  thank You for showing me Your ways  and for strengthening me  in Your ways.”



A Christian devotional to glorify the LORD of lords and God of gods


Pray for our country.


This is the day which the LORD has made;
Let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


The word of the LORD is tried;
He is a shield  to all  who take refuge  in Him.
Psalm 18:30


Sing for joy in the LORD,  O you righteous ones;
Praise is becoming  to the upright.
Psalm 33:1


How blessed are those  who dwell in Thy house!
They are ever praising Thee.
Psalm 84:4


Just as a father has compassion  on his children,
So the LORD has compassion on those who fear Him.
Psalm 103:13


Oh give thanks to the LORD,  for He is good;
For His lovingkindness is everlasting.
Psalm 107:1


Glory in His holy name;
Let the heart of those who seek the LORD be glad.
Psalm 105:3


Not that I have already obtained it, or have already become perfect, but I press on in order that
I may lay hold of that for which also I was laid hold of by Christ Jesus.
Philippians 3:12






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