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Preach and Say

July 22, 2019


Preach and Say

There have been all sorts of preaching messages  since the beginning  of the Christian church.      Some of them are true to God’s word  throughout the Bible — and others are not.      Because our eternal salvation is at stake,  God has warned us repeatedly  to be aware  that there always will be false prophets trying  to get us to follow them  instead of Christ.      Here are just a few examples  of the warnings given  to us.

Matthew 7:15Beware of the false prophets,  who come to you  in sheep’s clothing,  but inwardly are ravenous wolves.

Matthew 24:24For false Christs  and false prophets  will arise  and will show great signs and wonders,  so as to mislead,  if possible,  even the elect.

2 Corinthians 11:13-15For such men are false apostles,  deceitful workers,  disguising themselves as apostles of Christ.      And no wonder,  for even Satan disguises himself  as an angel of light.      Therefore, it is not surprising  if his servants also disguise themselves  as servants of righteousness;  whose end shall be  according to their deeds.

1 John 4:1Beloved,  do not believe every spirit,  but test the spirits  to see  whether they are from God;  because many false prophets have gone out  into the world.

The message that God wants us to know is  that Jesus Christ is the promised Savior,  come in the flesh  to suffer and die  to pay for our sins.      With this message,  God’s word repeatedly lets us know  that we are not saved  by any of our “good works”  or religious practices.      It doesn’t matter  what people might want to think of  as a “good work”.      To some it means working  in the church,  or going through some sort of religious exercise.      To others it means doing charity works.      And,  to still others,  it means not getting caught  by the law.

None of those efforts or practices will save us — only faith  in the merits of Jesus  to wash away our sins  will save anyone.      We need to be assured of that — after all,  there are so many preachers  with a different message.      Here are a few  of the many helpful Biblical references  that we need to consider.

Matthew 4:17From that time Jesus began  to preach and say,  “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

Jesus’ main message is  that we are all sinners  in need of repentance.      The Savior’s coming should open our eyes  to the almighty power  of God  to keep His promise  of a Savior from sin.      Jesus often reprimanded the religious leaders  because they felt their good works  and religious practices  would save them.      Jesus often told them  they were wrong  and headed for hell  for their lack  of repentance and faith.      We need to believe these words  of our Savior.      Jesus also teaches us…

John 6:29“This is the work of God,  that you believe  in Him  whom He has sent.”

That’s it.      We just need  to believe in Jesus — that His suffering,  death,  and resurrection are the means  of our forgiveness and salvation.      Our religious and charity works  cannot save us.      The apostle Paul wrote about it for us,  and says…

Ephesians 2:8For by grace  you have been saved  through faith;  and that not of yourselves,  it is the gift  of God.

If we have honestly received God’s gift of grace,  we will not insult Him  by saying we need  to pay for that gift.      Let us humbly  admit our sins and repent — and with grateful and thankful hearts  accept the pure gift  of God Almighty.

Then,  in a rightful fellowship  with our Lord,  we say,  “Hallelujah!      Lord,  Your gift of salvation is perfect,  pure,  and holy.      Thank You  for letting us see that  and know  that You love us.”



A Christian devotional to glorify the LORD of lords and God of gods


Pray for our country.


This is the day which the LORD has made;
Let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


The word of the LORD is tried;
He is a shield  to all  who take refuge  in Him.
Psalm 18:30


Sing for joy in the LORD,  O you righteous ones;
Praise is becoming  to the upright.
Psalm 33:1


How blessed are those  who dwell in Thy house!
They are ever praising Thee.
Psalm 84:4


Just as a father has compassion  on his children,
So the LORD has compassion on those who fear Him.
Psalm 103:13


Oh give thanks to the LORD,  for He is good;
For His lovingkindness is everlasting.
Psalm 107:1


Glory in His holy name;
Let the heart of those who seek the LORD be glad.
Psalm 105:3


Not that I have already obtained it, or have already become perfect, but I press on in order that
I may lay hold of that for which also I was laid hold of by Christ Jesus.
Philippians 3:12






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