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“Did you hear what so-and-so did?    Well,  it’s just the most awful thing…”

As I listened to the others in the secretarial pool talk about an adulterous relationship,  I thought they were talking about someone they knew  and I wondered how they had learned about so many “juicy” details.    Later I found out that they were talking about their favorite soap opera.    Then I wondered how they could become so emotionally involved in something that was not real.

Then,  on another level,  sometimes…  (I really mean just about all of the time.),  it’s discouraging to listen to the daily news in the real world.    It’s not just that bad things are happening all around this planet — murders,  rapes,  robberies,  cheatings,  adulteries,  deceptions,  etc.    It’s troubling that some news casters seem to revel in revealing certain shocking details over  and over  and  over again.    They seem to enjoy repeatedly airing appalling videos of certain crime scenes  or obscenities,  as they try to raise the ratings of their network.    It seems the general public doesn’t mind being lured into continual defilements.

With this constant barrage of foulness,  it seems that many are becoming “hardened in”  to all sorts of sinfulness.    They no longer view it as shocking or even sinful.    As a matter of fact,  many people are actually becoming daring and obscene as they try to mimic what they see in the media.

Before we just point a finger at others,  we need to honestly look at ourselves.    Is what we view in the media  (Internet,  TV,  magazines,  music)  influencing our thoughts,  feelings  and love for God our Savior?

What are we to do?

Paul has some good advice in Philippians 4:8-9.    He says,

“Finally, my fellow Christians,  keep your minds on all that is true or noble,  right or pure,  lovely or appealing,  on anything that is excellent  or that deserves praise.    Do what you have learned,  received,  and heard from me  and what you saw me do.    Then the God of peace will be with you.”

So, every single one of us is responsible for keeping our minds on every good thing that deserves praise — even as we hear the evening news.    We don’t just think for a moment about something that is true,  noble,  right,  pure,  lovely,  appealing  and praiseworthy only to dismiss it and concentrate on what is sordid and promiscuous.

We are to do what we have learned from God’s word.    When our top priority is to do what is true,  noble,  right,  pure,  lovely,  appealing,  excellent  and praiseworthy,  we won’t have time to let our mind get warped on all that is lurid and grossly sinful,  even though we are fully aware of what is happening in this world.

When we live a life of godly love,  always giving thanks for our salvation in Christ,  the God of peace will be able to be with us.    Our life will be more like what John describes in 1 John 3:2-3,

“…we’ll be like Him because we’ll see Him as He is.    And everyone who trusts Him for this purifies himself as He is pure.”

Remembering everything that is marvelous about our Lord  and giving thanks and praise for all His love towards us  will purify us in thoughts,  words  and deeds.    When we make sure we are seeing things from God’s perspective,  we will want to be more and more like our Savior.

As God’s children,  we will strive to be holy,  just because our heavenly Father is holy.    We will daily guard our hearts  and minds,  lest we fall as Solomon describes in Proverbs 30:12,

“There are those who think they are pure but aren’t washed from their filth.”    (Beck’s)

For Christ’s sake our foremost desire will be to imitate our Savior’s love and purity.

Love,   Margaret



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